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Week in Review: September 20-24

Welcome to Fall readers! Outside is finally cooling down and it's time to pull out your favorite cardigans and sweaters! This week's post will be fairly short, but that doesn't mean we're skipping out on some good information.


What Is the Process for Indictment?

Once a petition is filed against a juvenile, the prosecutor may submit the petition to a grand jury for indictment. Unlike in adult criminal court where the prosecutor submits a bill of information prior to charges being filed, in juvenile court the grand jury process starts after the formal charging process (petition filed) begins. If an indictment is handed down against the juvenile and the juvenile is given notice, the juvenile court must transfer the case to superior court.

Publicity & Juvenile Cases

We recently shared a document regarding addressing the public and releasing information when a juvenile receives a petition. If you were not able to read that document, please see below. We will also share this on the list serv.

publicity and juvenile clients
Download DOCX • 15KB

Did you know?

The National Juvenile Defender Center has an online resource of court topics surrounding courtroom practices? It even has the ability to search by state so that you can narrow down to North Carolina specifically OR see how others do it where they are. To try it out, please click here.



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