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Central Youth Defender Forum Recap: "Defending Youth Charged with Violent Offenses"

OJD's 2023 Central Youth Defender Forum was held at Alamance Community College in Graham, NC. Defenders from our central region and some from our western region as well, gathered for a full-day training on "Defending Youth Charged with Violent Offenses". The series of regional forums are intended to provide practical tips for some of the most common cases and issues we are seeing in the courtroom.

We heard great and helpful presentations on confidentially and media involvement, defending school threats and possession of weapons on school grounds cases, social media and our young clients, and a legislative update. We also had a workshop where we worked through common issues seen in our local jurisdictions and in defending these serious cases.

We shared lessons, laughs, tips, and strategies for defending youth charged with violent offenses. The OJD team enjoyed meeting everyone and learning about what’s happening in your local jurisdictions. Forums are a great way to network, and they provide a learning experience that promotes a sense of connection. We encourage attendees to share what they’ve learned with their colleagues and spread the word for our future training and community building opportunities.

If you are an eastern region defender or practice in another region but were unable to make it to the other forums, we hope you will join us for our last forum of 2023! Our Eastern Youth Defender Forum will be held on December 1, 2023, at Beaufort Community College in Washington, NC. Registration will open on November 1, 2023, and we'll be sharing registration details soon. In the meantime, check our training calendar here!

Shoutout to Mary Wilson, David Andrews, and Jay Garcia for such great presentations! We are also grateful to John Cox Law who sponsored our Central Forum. Because of their generosity, lunch and snacks were provided for all attendees.

Thank you to everyone who had a chance to attend our Central Youth Defender Forum last Friday and for making it a success!

Full training video will be available in our YouTube channel soon.




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