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Week in Review: Sept 26-30

Rainy Friday in the Tarheel State that has plans to stay around all weekend. We hope everyone stays safe and warm as we wrap up September.

Tip of the Week - Before You Please

Talk to your client about the impacts of an adjudication. While not as public as adult criminal convictions, juvenile adjudications may impact the following: immigration status, educational placement, housing conditions, eligibility to play sports, placement on a sex offender registry (in N.C. or other states) and others. Always consider the long-term consequences of what may first appear to be a short-term decision.


Due to the weather forecast at this time, we have made the decision to postpone the Central Youth Defender Forum to another date which will be determined shortly. Thank you for registering to attend and we look forward to sharing the new date with you soon.

CLE Opportunity: Friday, October 7 1-2 PM

Presented by: Assistant Appellate Defender David Andrews

David Andrews with the Office of the Appellate Defender will give an overview of common issues defenders are exposed to in their practice. Appellate Defender David Andrews will give an overview of some of the most important things trial defenders in juvenile court should know. He will teach attorneys how to properly preserve issues for appeal. He will also focus on important upcoming issues and developments that juvenile defenders should be aware of.

Cost of attendance is free to the first 35 attendees and CLE has been approved by the NC State Bar. To register for this training please click here: Appellate Issues for Juvenile Defenders



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