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Upcoming OJD Virtual CLE Training Series

Defenders! OJD’s 2024 Virtual Series is up and running. We wanted to take this opportunity to remind you about our monthly trainings and forecast some upcoming topics. Each month, OJD hosts a webinar on a pertinent youth justice issues. The virtual trainings are usually held on the second Friday of every month at 1pm. However, you may find some held on an alternate Friday because of holidays or other office needs. Many of the topics for our virtual series come from you, defenders all throughout state. We take your input and requests into mind when choosing topics and planning our trainings. The trainings are all recorded for future viewing and house on our website in the Defender Portal. If you need the password for the portal, please contact us and we will make sure you have access. On our website, you can view and register for all upcoming trainings on our Training Calendar page. Our upcoming trainings for the next three months are:

  1. March 15, 2024 - Disability Rights: It’s Not Just Behavioral with Attorney Joonu Coste and Advocate Kirby Morrow of Disability Rights NC

  2. April 12, 2024 - GPS And Electronic Monitoring for Defenders with Larry Daniel of Envista Forensics 

  3. May 17, 2024 - Collateral Consequences and Expunction with Assistant Public Defender Veronika Monteleone




To view and register for our trainings, please visit our training page here or click below. We hope to see you at a Virtual Training soon!


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