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From a Lawyer's View: Contact OJD!

TO: Juvenile Defenders in North Carolina


DATE: Anytime

RE: Contact Us!

For those out there in the Juvenile Defense Community who have never contacted our office with a question, consider doing so. I know, I know – there are reasons why not:

· There are actual humans in Raleigh that answer questions?

· I don’t want more bad news for my case.

· Do you all really know what you’re doing?

· Aren’t you super busy talking to other people?

There are actual humans in Raleigh that answer questions?

Indeed! OJD are people too! Email, call, write, telegram – any way is acceptable! We want to hear from you! Why? Because we learn when you call – what issues are out there, what challenges are defenders facing, and most importantly – we hear about the great work YOU ALL are doing. Oh! And by the way, we actually have attorneys in Statesville and Asheville – so we can get a feel for regional nuances.

I don’t want more bad news for my case.

Well, yeah. If it looks dire in your case, we’re not going to lie, sugarcoat, or make stuff up (well, maybe a little). But I guarantee that we will do everything in our power to support your representation. Maybe it’s just a quick text, maybe it’s discussing a case over months. Even if we don’t have the magic answer, it’s nice to talk through the case just to have peace of mind that all bases are covered, and nothing’s been missed. But we are committed to helping and lifting you up. And if we don’t have an answer, we will do our best to find the person/resource who does.

Do you all really know what you’re doing?

I hope so – did you know we’re in our (gasp) 18th year? We have some 50-plus years of collective legal knowledge. Two of us carry an active caseload. And three of us are board certified in Juvenile Delinquency But we are constantly learning – keeping up with the law, attending conferences, and most importantly – getting ideas from YOU ALL – sharing ideas among defenders and building a collective knowledge base.

Aren’t you super busy talking to other people?

Yes, sometimes. But hooray for technology! We are always connected to email and I assure you you’ll get a returned communication within 24 hours, or your pizza is free. Wait….

So don’t hesitate – communicate!!!!


School Obligations for Youth with Disabilities: September 9, 2022 1:00-2:00 PM

Presented by: Ginny Fogg, Disability Rights NC, Supervising Attorney, Lucy Hatchell, Disability Rights NC, Attorney, and Lena Welch, Disability Rights NC, Attorney

Disability Rights North Carolina’s Education Team will provide a training for juvenile defenders on “School Obligations for Youth with Disabilities.” Data and our experience representing students with disabilities for over a decade confirm that students with disabilities are disproportionately referred to juvenile court for school-based offenses. In our experience, many school-based incidents that result in juvenile court referrals for students with disabilities are directly related to the child’s disability the school’s failure to provide appropriate academic and/or behavior support services that students with disabilities are entitled to under state and federal law. For these students, deterring future incidents requires changes at the school level.

This training will address schools’ obligations to identify students with disabilities and provide them with appropriate supports and services, including those designed to address behavior. Specifically, this training will education about schools’ affirmative obligations to: (1) promptly and accurately identify students with disabilities; (2) provide students with disabilities with supports and services, including behavior support services, that meet the student’s unique needs; and (3) offer resources for securing and implementing those services.

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