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Registration for Juvenile Delinquency Board Certification Now Open

The Board of Legal Specialization is now taking applications for certification in Criminal Law – Juvenile Delinquency. Applications are due July 1, 2015.  Any attorney representing juveniles or the state are encouraged to apply. New changes to the application requirements include:

  1. “substantial involvement” is defined as an average of 400 hours per year delinquency practice for the previous five years but no less than 100 hours in any one year

  2. service as a law professor in a juvenile delinquency legal clinic may be used to meet the substantial involvement criteria

  3. the practice of state criminal law, representing adults or the state in district or superior court, may be used to meet the substantial involvement criteria but not to exceed 100 hours for any year during the five years

In addition, there is again this year the establishment of a scholarship fund to provide scholarships that will pay the application fees for prosecutors, public defenders, and non-profit public interest lawyers who wish to become certified specialists.  The fund will be administered by the North Carolina Legal Education Assistance Foundation (NC LEAF).   This collaboration with NC LEAF furthers the mission of both NC LEAF and the specialization program.  Assisting public interest lawyers to seek board certification recognizes commitment to service and will encourage these lawyers to continue to serve underrepresented citizens and the public and to improve their knowledge and skills in their practice areas.  In recognition of her long service to the specialization program, the fund is named The Jeri L. Whitfield Legal Specialty Certification Scholarship Fund. Funding is limited, so apply early.

Please contact Denise Mullen at or 919-719-9255 with any questions.


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