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OJD's 2023 Recap

Updated: Jan 11

As we reflect on this year at the NC Office of the Juvenile Defender, we recognize our commitment to advocating for young lives remains unwavering. From legal victories to community outreach, 2023 has been a year of resilience and progress. We extend our gratitude to our dedicated team, partners, and youth advocates who share in our mission to support youth defenders in the challenging field of juvenile justice.

We look forward to new projects, collaborations, and impactful Continuing Legal Education (CLE). Here is a glance of OJD's 2023:

  1. Professional Development through CLE: Our commitment to advocate for excellence beyond the courtroom. This year, we organized 50 series of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) trainings, equipping legal professionals with the latest insights and strategies in juvenile defense. These sessions not only fostered professional growth but also strengthened the collective expertise within our legal community.

  2. Written Resources

    1. First-degree murder quickguide update

    2. Legislative Updates booklet

    3. Juvenile First-Degree Murder handout

    4. Transfer / Jurisdiction 1 Pager

  3. Advocacy Triumphs and Team Excellence: Throughout 2023, our dedicated team secured notable victories in juvenile cases, ensuring fair and just outcomes for young individuals navigating the legal system.

  4. 26 Court observation visits

  5. Conferences Attendance!

  • Special shoutout to our amazing Assistant Juvenile Defenders Burcu Hensley and Terri Johnson for choosing violence in court ("Inside joke" / for context, attend one of our trainings).

  • Special shoutout to our Project Attorney Yolanda Fair for always doing an amazing work.

  • Special shoutout to the boss Eric Zogry for being the boss and for giving me the opportunity to work with OJD!

  • Special shoutout to myself for hanging in there this year!

  • Special shoutout to the North Carolina youth defender community!

In 2024, we anticipate further successes, continued collaboration with our legal community, and a deeper impact on the lives of the youth we serve.

We’d like to express gratitude to EVERYONE who thrives do a better job every day. Together, we look forward to a future where every juvenile receives fair, compassionate, and informed legal representation. Here's to a year of achievements and the promise of positive change in juvenile justice.



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