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Meet Nani: OJD's Newest Team Member!

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

OJD is happy to welcome our newest team member, Nani Suarez! Nani serves as our Communication Specialist/Project Coordinator and will develop social media content, help promote our trainings, manage our website, and develop a strategic communications plan. She will also be the first contact for our office, engaging and interacting with public defenders, privately assigned counsel, and juvenile justice system stakeholders.

Nani graduated from North Carolina State University. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations, and a Minor in Psychology. Nani also attended Durham Technical Community College where she became a Community Spanish Interpreter and Public Service specialist.

To introduce to Nani to the juvenile defender community, we thought it would be fun to do an informal interview. Below you’ll learn more about Nani, her interest in Communications, her excitement to work with this community, and a fun fact about her. To reach Nani and welcome her to the team, e-mail her at


Nani's Q&A

1. What made you interested in applying for this position?

The excitement of being part of OJD’s mission to continue to support juvenile defenders with resources and trainings allowing NC youth to have quality representation in court.

2. What are some things you’re looking forward to doing in this role?

I’m looking forward to learning more about NC juvenile law and new ways to grow our community!

3. At almost three weeks into the position, what has been one of the most interesting things you’ve learned about juvenile defense?

It’s been very interesting to learn about the juvenile defense trajectory and OJD’s efforts to create a community of professionals who support each other while fighting for our youth’s rights.

4. What is your favorite thing about Communications?

What I love the most about communications is that it is part of our everyday life regardless of our professions and differences. We’re always trying to get our message across and thinking about creative ways to do so is something I truly enjoy.

5. What is one fun fact about you?

One fun fact about me is that I love playing volleyball 😊

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