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Job Opportunity: Staff Attorney for CDPL

The Center for Death Penalty Litigation in Durham, North Carolina seeks a new staff attorney.

CDPL is a non-profit law firm and advocacy organization that works to provide the highest quality representation to people facing execution, and to end the death penalty in North Carolina. CDPL’s commitment to representing indigent and disadvantaged defendants just as vigorously as corporate lawyers defend their highest-paying clients, and training other capital attorneys across the state to do the same, has saved the lives of many who faced execution. In addition to representing individual clients, CDPL spearheads litigation and public education campaigns that address systemic injustices and cast light on the arbitrariness and unfairness of our state’s capital punishment system. Over the past decade, CDPL has been a leading force in stopping executions in North Carolina.

Our team of attorneys, mitigation investigators, paralegals, and public education specialists works to identify strategic opportunities to change public opinion and reduce the use of the death penalty. Our office also has a strong commitment to racial equity, and works both internally and externally to combat systemic racism. In addition to handling individual cases, attorneys are encouraged to participate in cross-disciplinary projects that further our goals of ending the death penalty and promoting racial equity.

The ideal candidate will have:

  1. Two to seven years of experience practicing law

  2. Commitment to ending the death penalty and addressing systemic unfairness

  3. Strong oral and written communications skills

  4. Understanding of issues common in capital cases, such as mental illness, poverty, racism and substance abuse

  5. Interest in advocacy and public education, in addition to direct representation of clients

Applicants should send a cover letter by October 2nd detailing interest, as well as a resume, the names of two professional references, and a writing sample of approximately 10 pages to Ms. Barrie Wallace at or to her attention at the Center for Death Penalty Litigation, 123 West Main Street, Suite 700, Durham, N.C. 27701.  For additional information, please contact Barrie Wallace at

CDPL is committed to diversity and racial equity and is an equal opportunity employer.


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