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What is Gault Center South and Why Should I attend the Southern Regional Summit?

Q: What is “Gault Center South”?

A: Gault Center South (formerly known as the Southern Juvenile Defender Center) is the southern regional arm of the Gault Center (formerly known as the National Juvenile Defender Center). Gault Center South (GCS) brings together eight southern states and Puerto Rico to collaborate on work pertinent to youth defense. Its regional board is made up of youth defenders from each state who meet monthly to discuss relevant topics, policy issues, and practice ideas impacting youth defense, with particular focus on the issues relevant to the South. The regional directors also sit on the Gault Center National Advisory Board. The Gault Center has resources available to defenders at and Gault Center South works locally within the region and within the southern states to support youth defense.

Q: Why should I attend the Regional Summit?

A: Every year for more than a decade, GCS has hosted a regional day-and-a-half Summit. The Summit includes plenaries, workshops, and community building opportunities for youth defenders from the participating states. With presenters from the participating states and around the country, the Summit provides a unique opportunity to bring different perspectives to issues all youth defenders encounter. Both new and seasoned defenders should consider attending, as topics range from the foundational and practical to cutting edge and experimental.

Register to attend the 2023 Gault South Regional Summit here:

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