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Week in Review: October 25-29


It's a Spooky Weekend filled with safe fun and a few bags of candy. We hope you have a BOO-tiful time!

No tip of the week this Friday but are going to share a few reminders!

School's In: Refreshers on Suppression, Threats, and Clients in the News will take place, Friday, November 5 at 12:00 PM. This will be a 75 minute CLE course discussing strategy, handling your client and family if their name is in the news as well as the recent string of threats made against North Carolina schools. Please feel free to grab your lunch, a midday coffee and snack, or just join in on a relevant and timely CLE offered by OJD. Click here to register.

CLE approval is currently pending and attorneys will be responsible for CLE costs.


NJDC’s Senior Youth Defense Counsel, Kristina Kersey, put together another top 10 lists, this time about 10 of the Scariest Things about the Juvenile Legal System. Take a moment to read her awesome list and maybe share some others you can think of.

OJD (Eric & Burcu) visited Cumberland County on Wednesday to discuss all things juvenile along with Mary Pollard, IDS Executive Director and Susan Brooks, Defense Administrator. And of course we had to get a picture!

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