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Week in Review: October 11-15

Happy Friday to our readers! OJD had a pretty great week, our first Office Check-in with Burcu in the office (don't worry, Terri will be around soon!), created some great action plans and prepped for next month OJD CLEs. Let recap the week with more information.

Appeals Tip of the Week: Courtesy of David Andrews, Office of the Appellate Defender

Suppression motions and admissions – Give the prosecutor and the court notice of the juvenile’s intent to appeal the suppression order before the juvenile enters the admission AND enter notice of appeal from the dispositional order (not from the suppression order)!

Youth Justice Action Month

Youth Justice Action Month YJAM) is hosted by the Coalition for Juvenile Justice (CJJ) and the National Juvenile Justice Network (NJJN) and runs throughout October with different initiatives such as training workshops, interviews and ways to work with your state legislature to improve the impact of the justice system with local youth. To learn more and find events that interest you, feel free to visit one (or both) of the pages listed above.

Check This Out!

Did you know that the UNC Criminal Justice Innovation Lab recently published an updated version of its Model Bail Policy? Defenders, take a look at it when you have a few minutes – it may provide you with some great arguments when the topic comes up in court. Remember: you will have an opportunity to advocate for your youthful clients during any transfer hearing as the judge will have to consider conditions of pretrial release when transferring a matter to Superior Court. Find the publication here:

An OJD Snapshot:

All work and no jokes does not equal a day with OJD! Shoutout to Eric's Halloween Spirit and bobblehead.



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