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Week in Review: Nov. 18-22

Happy Friday Readers! It was a week full of travel and training, and surprisingly, decent weather from last weeks cold. THAT was exciting. Let’s see what OJD did this week. We also have an important messsage for defenders!


How Will Secure Custody Hearings Be Different for 16 and 17 Year Olds?

Currently, review of secure custody hearings are held every 10 days after the initial secure custody hearing.  For 16 and 17 year olds charged with a Class A through G offense, review of secure custody hearings are held every 30 days after the initial secure custody hearing.  However, the hearings may be held every 10 days on motion of the juvenile or the juvenile’s attorney for good cause shown.

DEFENDERS! (In our Captain America ‘Endgame’ voice)

The NC Court of Appeals released an unpublished opinion November 19th (In re: N.S., No. COA19-420) vacating an adjudication and disposition due to lack of jurisdiction. The petition in the matter was not marked approved for filing or signed by the juvenile court counselor. The court previously ruled in In re: T.K., 253 N.C. App. 443 (2017) , that in order for juvenile court to obtain subject matter jurisdiction, the petition must be marked “approved for filing” and signed by a court counselor. So defenders – check the back of the petition!!

Travel & Training

Monday, Kim & Austine traveled to Chapel Hill and visited the UNC School of Government. It was a day full of training on the Juvenile Justice Reinvestment Act and Kim did a mock transfer hearing in front of judges and magistrates. How exciting is that?

Tuesday, Austine traveled to Chowan County for a Raise the Age training presented by Mary Stansell and Brandon Belcher. It’s really important to reach out to our northern and western counties which is exactly what Austine has been doing. Take a look inside the training below.

Wednesday, Kim traveled to Lee County alongside Mario and Tom for an RFP meeting. The purpose of the RFP meeting is to discuss the implementation of the new uniform appointment plan and RFP renewals in the counties. Interested in knowing where your nearest RFP meeting will be? Contact Mario Richardson here.

Thursday, OJD met with IDS Executive Director Tom Maher and discussed our current projects and goals, showcasing recent deliverables and informational sources. We didn’t do too shabby! Thanks for visiting Tom!

We’re Hiring!

Don’t forget that OJD is hiring a new Assistant Juvenile Defender. The application is open until December 8th. Click here to review the role and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.



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