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Week in Review: May 3-7

Happy Friday Readers! We hope wherever you are is bright and sunny because Raleigh and rainy and gloomy but #JuvenileJustice never stops. As always, we’re bringing you a great tip and a couple resources, along with a #OJDFlashback.

Tip of the Week – Building Trust

Investing time is the single most important strategy for building trust and rapport with your client.  You need to listen and ask questions without judgment, and explain why you need to ask certain questions.  Allow your client the opportunity, and encourage him/her to ask questions as well.  Be sure to explain to your client how your role is different from other adults s/he has interacted with (i.e. attorney/client privilege).  And most importantly – never make a promise you can’t keep.  If you say you’re going to do something – do it!


State Bar Journal

Have you caught up on the latest version of the State Bar Journal? Well fear not! We have the link right here for you. There’s so many great reads inside, along with some tips as well!

NJDC – Ensuring Access

The National Juvenile Defender Center has a toolkit for defenders who are looking for ways to find or create support in the law for juveniles. It works to ensure access to counsel and ways to address policy makers backed with research for the improvement of juvenile justice in your state. Want to read more, click here.

April 26, 2019, (OJD) partnered with the National Juvenile Defender Center (NJDC) to teach 10 of our juvenile defense attorneys NJDC’s Juvenile Training Immersion Program (JTIP) and through the three-day training program, NJDC provided 3 trainers who worked to train the defenders in different activities and topics. This training created superstar trainers out of our defenders and they have since gone on to present for OJD as well as the School of Government. If you look closely, you’ll see two of our OJD staff!

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