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Week in Review: March 1-5

Happy March Readers! Can you believe we are 3 months into 2021 already? How is time flying so fast!? Well with each new month comes new opportunities and OJD is always here to help however we can. Let’s get you to your weekend with your Week in Review, Tip & some recaps!

Appeals Tip of the Week: Courtesy of David Andrews, Office of the Appellate Defender

Suppression motions and contested adjudicatory hearings – If the suppression motion is denied, object when the evidence is admitted at the adjudication hearing because the failure to do so creates a heavier burden on appeal. A pretrial ruling on a motion to suppress is “preliminary,” which means the juvenile must object when evidence is offered during the adjudication hearing. State v. Waring, 364 N.C. 443 (2010). The failure to object when the evidence is admitted subjects the argument to plain error review on appeal. State v. Stokes, 357 N.C. 220 (2003).

Did you catch our SURPRISE SATURDAY Post?

With the conclusion of #BlackHistoryMonth we had ONE MORE Juvenile Defender to highlight and that was Alexis Perkins! She’s a superior attorney and has been defending children since she got her start in law. Not only does she have the experience, she has the talent! To read more about Alexis and what #BlackHistoryMonth means to her, click here.

Help NJDC Improve Their Defender App!

From NJDC, “NJDC’s goal in creating Defender App was to provide a convenient way for defenders to access NJDC’s resources quickly, in on-your-feet, in-the-moment situations, such as in the courtroom, when you have to quickly object or make an oral motion.”

They are currently the beginning stages of a website redesign (JUST LIKE OJD) and want to make resources more accessible, and are also considering a Defender App 2.0. NJDC would greatly appreciate your feedback about how or whether you have used Defender App already, and what features you would find most useful in a future version.

This survey will be open until Friday, March 12. Please take a moment to complete this survey and help NJDC keep Defenders up to date.

For Our Students & Future Attorneys

Your internship inquiries have been received and OJD is very close to finalizing what our Summer Internship might look like (in the hopes we can provide one due to our current pandemic). We will be announcing more information hopefully by the end of next week. Thank you so much for your interest in interning at OJD and your desire to also #DefendChildren!

Have a GREAT & SAFE Weekend!!



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