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Week in Review: July 5-9

Happy Friday (Fri-YAY) Readers! Thanks for stopping back and recapping the week with OJD. We hope you had a great holiday weekend, enjoyed some fireworks and a hot dog or two (some of us had 4, don't tell anyone!)

Tip of the Week – Why Separate Probable Cause and Adjudicatory Hearings?

A probable cause hearing determines whether there is probable cause to believe that the offense charged has been committed, and that the juvenile charged committed it. But what if the court finds probable cause for a lesser offense? The court must hold a separate adjudicatory hearing. Why? Probable cause hearings and adjudicatory hearings have separate burdens of proof, are governed by different rules of evidence, and result in different legal outcomes. Note that this rule also applies to transfer hearings when the court decides not to transfer a juvenile to superior court.

Reflecting on J.D.B. v. North Carolina - Series

Did you get a chance to check out all the Reflections we've posted commemorating the 10th anniversary of J.D.B. v. North Carolina? If not, follow the links below to read each piece of the series and let us know what you think:

Community Resources

Jacqui Greene recently published a blog for On The Civil Side, a UNC School of Government Blog. She discusses dispelling transfer confusion in juvenile court and even lists FAQs with answers to help juvenile attorneys feel more confident in transfer hearings. To read her post, answer some questions you may have or learn something new, please click here.


We're bringing back our virtual trainings to get your CLE credits for the year! Mark your calendars, this training will be Tuesday, July 27 at 3:30PM and will be covering School Interrogations. More details including the registration link to come next week!



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