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Week in Review: July 4-8

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

We hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend and enjoyed that extra day off to relax and catch up on some good ole fashioned sleep. This week we have some congratulations to share, a tip, a job announcement, AND a training announcement to share.

Congratulations to Dawn Baxter!

Last month, Dawn was reappointed as the Chief Public Defender for Durham County. "My career in the Durham County Public Defenders’ Office has provided me with the opportunity to help the community, and to pay it forward many times. It is a blessing I will forever be grateful and thankful for." - Dawn Baxter, 2021.

Tip of the Week – Searches Not on School Property

Youth not on school property are governed by a “reasonable juvenile standard.” Specifically, In the matter of I.R.T., 184 N.C. App. 579, 647 S.E.2d 129 (2007) held that the age of a juvenile is a relevant factor in determining whether a reasonable person would feel free to leave upon being stopped by law enforcement.

Upcoming Training from OJD: Digitial Evidence Part II

Part II of our Digital Evidence Series will focus on social media and ethical considerations when using these platforms. The training will consist of Social Media 101, where Assistant Juvenile Defender Burcu Hensley and OJD Communications and Office Manager LaTobia Avent will give an overview of the popular platforms used today. It will also focus on some of the ethical considerations that come up when social media is used. Please join us for this virtual webinar.

To register for this training, please click here. The first 30 people to register AND attend up will have their CLE costs paid for by OJD.

The Cumberland County Public Defender Office is HIRING!

The Cumberland County Public Defender's Office is hiring an entry-level Assistant Public Defender. The selected candidate will represent indigent persons charged with criminal offenses in District and Superior Court. This application closes on July 11, 2022.

To read more about this role and to apply, please click here:

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