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Week in Review: July 12-16

It's the weekend!!! Well, Friday but one step closer to relaxing, catching up on our favorite shows or finishing that book you hated putting down. We've got a tip, a training announcement, a VIDEO announcement, and then it's CELEBRATION time (read: weekend).

A Message from Eric:


When Should I Receive the Disposition Report?

You should try to receive the disposition report prior to the dispositional hearing to review with your client. If possible, try to get a copy of the report at least several days prior to the hearing. While there is no statutory authority compelling the receipt from the intake counselor, there are local rules which suggest time periods.

CLE Opportunity!

Tuesday, July 27 at 3:30 PM, Burcu Hensley will present on School Interrogations via WebEx. The presentation will focus on the unique considerations when youth are questioned on school premises. It will include a discussion of the statutes as well as relevant case law.

CLE application is pending with the State Bar and CLE costs are the requirement of each attendee. To register for this CLE please click here.

Did you catch the OJD reunion? After a year and a half of not seeing EVERYONE, we did it (safely of course). Take a look below!

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