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Week in Review: January 17-21

January is zooming past, can't believe this is the 3rd blog of the new year. This week will be short and sweet, but will never forget a new tip! We hope you are bundled up for this snowy weather and enjoy a quick read from your OJD office.

Tip of the Week: OJD Case Summaries

Did you know that OJD routinely monitors the NC Court of Appeals and NC Supreme Court for case law applicable to Juvenile Delinquency matters? We then take those cases as they are filed, summarize them, and compile them into a comprehensive “Case Summaries” document that we keep updated on our website. The cases are grouped together by topic so you can find case law applicable to your issue or topic quickly and easily.

Check it out for yourself! Go to and click on “Case Summaries.” See if you can answer this hypothetical question:

Juvenile was 16 years old on the date of the offense and was charged as an adult, on November 30, 2019. Does prosecution of this juvenile as an adult after the passing of the Juvenile Justice Reinvestment Act (“Raise the Age”) violate the juvenile’s constitutional rights to equal protection of the law?

Hint: Use the table of contents or navigation pane to find the section for Raise the Age.

New Resource from Jacqui Green at the School of Government!

Jacquiin released a new juvenile law bulletin, Transfer of Juvenile Delinquency Cases to Superior Court. The bulletin details the different procedures required to transfer cases, based on age at offense and offense charged, as well as which cases must be transferred and which transfers are discretionary. You will also find information on:

  • Correct forms to use

  • Procedure that must be followed after ordering transfer, including setting conditions of pretrial release

  • Place of confinement in transfer cases

  • Procedure for remand to district court

  • Appeal issues, including issues of confidentiality, record keeping, and confidentiality that arise during the period for appeal to superior court

Are you missing a tech hour for your CLE requirements?

Don't worry! OJD knows the feeling and we are planning something for you. Keep checking back to our Week in Review as we announce our upcoming Tech Training!

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