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Week in Review: Jan 20-24

Happy Friday Readers! This week was not only a short one, but an easier one at OJD. Couple consultations, a little bit of court, you know? The usual. We’re happy to help our Public Defenders at each point of their case and even guided a couple out of state defenders to where they can find answers about North Carolina!

Appeals Tip of the Week: Courtesy of David Andrews, Office of the Appellate Defender

To preserve issues for appeal, object to any evidence that you suspect is inadmissible. Make sure you provide specific grounds for your objections and constitutionalize your objections. Lastly, get a ruling. If you don’t get a ruling, the argument might be waived on appeal.


Don’t forget about our upcoming trainings in Watauga (03/19) and Richmond (03/31) Counties, and also our day long Juvenile Defender Enhancement training here at AOC. Want the direct link to the sign up? RSVP for the JD Enhancement Training ends 02/14/2020.

There’s also the Intensive Juvenile Defender Training sponsored by the UNC School of Government. Want more information? Click here.

That is all the information we have for you this week! Keep watch as there is another exciting announcement coming by OJD soon. 😀

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