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Week in Review: Dec 30-Jan 3

Welcome to the new decade with your trusted OJD office. This week was pretty easy due to the holiday but that doesn’t mean we don’t have things to share.


Can I Appeal the Order Finding Probable Cause for me 16 or 17 Year Old Client Charged with a Class A through G Felony?

Under the current law there does not appear to be a right to appeal the finding of probable cause.  However, defenders should consider challenging the constitutionality of the mandatory waiver as it violates due process and eliminates the ability of the court to consider the individual mitigating circumstances of a juvenile’s case under Miller and its progeny.  For further information see the following strategy resource or contact the Office of the Juvenile Defender for assistance with the case.


Eric & Austine are traveling to Lenoir County January 10th to continue our Raise the Age & Juvenile Basics training CLE. OJD will also report and cover the CLE fees associated with your attendance. Why not start the new year with some good training????

See? This week was really simple and just a bit of information. Go enjoy your weekend and it’s back to the office Monday!

But as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office.



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