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Week in Review: August 2-6

Happy Fri-YAY Readers! This week was a bit exciting for OJD but we won't get into that JUST yet, just announcement is coming your way very soon. Before we all head into one of the last weekends of summer, let's share a tip and a congratulations.


Appeals Tip of the Week: Courtesy of David Andrews, Office of the Appellate Defender

Suppression motions and contested adjudicatory hearings – If the suppression motion is denied, object when the evidence is admitted at the adjudication hearing because the failure to do so creates a heavier burden on appeal. A pretrial ruling on a motion to suppress is “preliminary,” which means the juvenile must object when evidence is offered during the adjudication hearing. State v. Waring, 364 N.C. 443 (2010). The failure to object when the evidence is admitted subjects the argument to plain error review on appeal. State v. Stokes, 357 N.C. 220 (2003).


Congratulations are in order to Glenn Gerding who was reappointed as Appellate Defender after a vote at the NC Commission on Indigent Defense Services meeting July 30. To learn more about Glenn and his way to the Appellate Defender office, read the announcement from the Office of the Appellate Defender here. Congratulation Glenn!

From LaTobia,

I am seeking guest writers for our blog for each month this year, specifically those in juvenile defense or youth advocacy work. Topics will be of your choice, but should include some supporting information such as statutes, cases or graphics. These blogs are geared to help fellow attorneys and create discussion in regards to juvenile proceedings and court processes. Feel free to send me an email at so we can discuss this further or if you’d like to volunteer. Also, feel free to send this message to your colleagues and friends, whoever may be a great contributor. Thanks!

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