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Week in Review: Apr 13-17

Happy Friday Readers! It’s been another hard (at home) working week for OJD, but with a constant focus on providing the most beneficial and practical information during this time. This week we don’t have a tip for you, rather an important message regarding racial justice for juveniles of color and secure custody. With COVID-19 affecting our detention centers and YDCs, it’s vital to remember that fair treatment includes every juvenile. Read below for viable resources to combat that.

In June 2019 a new study on North Carolina disproportionate minority contact was published. Using data from DJJ, the study showed that the race of a juvenile contributes to disproportionate negative outcomes, especially for black youth. Specifically, black youth were more likely to have complaints filed against them, be placed in secure custody, or committed to a youth development center (YDC). In an attempt to better serve youth color in the system, here are several resources on representing youth of color:

  1. Raising Issues of Race In North Carolina Criminal Cases, UNC School of Government:

  2. The Reasonable Black Child: Race, Adolescence, and the Fourth Amendment, Professor Kristin Henning, Georgetown Juvenile Justice Clinic:

  3. Be Her Resource: a Toolkit About School Resource Officers and Girls of Color:

Other Resources from the National Juvenile Defender Center

  1. Racial Disparity:

In addition, the next three tips of the week will focus on the stages of complaints filed, secure custody, and youth development center commitment.

You can also download this post here for your keeping.

North Carolina Defenders

Yesterday we released an important notice regarding operational changes to instituted by state juvenile justice officials in response to the Covid-19 pandemic that may affect youth held in detention. Please continue to refer to that release for resources on how best to serve your clients in secure custody and for the encouragement of alternative options.




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