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Updated Case Law Compendium

Over the last few months, the Office of the Juvenile Defender has updated and revised our case list in the hopes of making it more user-friendly. The revised compendium features three primary differences from the previous version:

First, there is now a table of contents. The cases remain grouped by topic, but this will save counsel time in finding relevant issues. Those using an electronic copy, rather than printing it, can click on the desired topic to go straight to the correct page in the PDF.

Second, at the beginning of each topic is a short, broad description of the issues it includes. This should provide counsel with a better sense of whether they will find relevant cases in a given section.

Third and foremost, each summary now includes a statement of law distilled from the case. The rules are not exhaustive, but are intended to condense some pivotal point or ultimate holding.

As in years past, the case compendium is intended to be a living and breathing document, so updates will occur monthly as decisions are released.

You can access the compendium on our website by clicking Case Law on the Information for Defenders Page.

We would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to Howard Lintz, Pro Bono Legal Associate, for his work in reformatting and organizing both the individual cases, and the document itself. His insight and attention to the most minute of details was invaluable.



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