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Thank You Marcus! And – We’re Hiring!

Marcus Thompson

Last week, our Communications and Office Manager, Marcus Thompson, left OJD for a new opportunity.  Marcus was instrumental in creating from the ground up how OJD gets information out to defenders and stakeholders, and in a little less than three years transformed how we interact with the world.  Thank you so much Marcus, and we wish you the best in your new adventure!

With that, we’re hiring for a new Communications and Office Manager! Duties include responsible for defining and executing a social media strategy, including maintaining and updating the juvenile defender website, Twitter feed, Facebook page, and other social media; maintaining a list of juvenile defense counsel statewide including privately assigned counsel, contractors, public defenders, and clinics; identifying new juvenile defenders and create and update information packages for new defenders; assisting with the development of new technologies/platforms for providing legal education; providing general office support and management.

For a complete list of duties and details about the position, click here for the posting.


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