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Register for the National Juvenile Justice Network 2018 Forum Today!

Starting Monday, July 16, the National Juvenile Justice Network will be hosting its 2018 Forum in Durham, N.C. at the  Duke University School of Law (210 Science Dr, Durham, NC 27708).  Registration for this three-day event, co-hosted by the Youth Justice Project of the Southern Coalition for Social Justice and Duke Children’s Law Clinicwill end today.  For those of you interested, but still on the fence about registering, we did a short Q&A with Youth Justice Project Co-Director Ricky Watson, Jr. about what attendees can expect.

Office of the Juvenile Defender:  What is the benefit for both members and nonmembers in attending this forum?

Ricky Watson:  Forum is a great opportunity for both members and non-members to come together to build strength, community, and knowledge.  Before attending Forum, I had never connected with so many advocates doing this work across the country.  The value in attending Forum extends far beyond the annual gathering.  It is one of the best opportunities an advocate can have to make lasting connections with people you can rely on while doing the work.

OJD:  In the past, what has been one of the most memorable experiences for you as a participant/host?

RW:  One of the most memorable experiences I’ve had as a participant in Forum was having the opportunity to listen to youth organizers speak to members of Forum.  They posed genuine questions to our group of advocates about why we do the work we do.  The conversation was passionate and thoughtful and many walked away with a strong reminder of how to approach youth advocacy.

OJD:  In ten words or less, how would you describe your feelings/expectations for this year’s event?

RW:  I am excited to welcome youth advocates to my home.

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Thanks, Ricky!  And to our readers, registration for the Forum ends soon!  Please don’t miss out on this fun networking and training event for juvenile justice advocates!

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