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OJD Week in Review: Jan. 14 – 18

Happy Friday!  This week we’ve got another tip for juvenile defenders, one new job opportunity and some reminders.

Tip of the Week – Contacting Your Client

When contacting your client for the first time, you should use as many methods as feasible.  Send a letter to both the client and parent/guardian.   Call to set up an appointment.  And be sure to contact the intake counselor to make sure you have the correct contact information.  If you aren’t able to meet before court, ask the court for a continuance.  Building a relationship with your client and building your case can’t happen on the courthouse steps.

Job Opportunities

The Office of Indigent Defense Services (IDS) is currently seeking a new Regional Defender.  The ideal candidate will have the ability to provide oversight to professionals, have knowledge of General Statutes, case law and responsibilities of contractors, and have skills in representing indigent defendants, problem solving, and relationship building.   IDS prefers applicants with some teaching/supervisory experience and a minimum of five years of experience with criminal defense work representing indigent clients.  The deadline for applications will be Jan. 27.  You can apply and see more on this opportunity here.

On Dec. 1, Indigent Defense Services issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) in Caswell, Person, Alamance, Orange, and Chatham counties.  The current contracts for adult noncapital criminal cases at the trial level and per session court cases in those districts will expire on May 31 and renew on June 1.  The RFP (RFP #16-0002R) seeks services for adult noncapital criminal cases at the trial level, juvenile delinquency, abuse/neglect/dependency and termination of parental rights, and treatment courts.  Please note that the RFP will not seek offers for potentially capital cases at the trial level, direct appeals or post-conviction cases.  Also, the juvenile delinquency RFP will only include Caswell, Alamance, and Person counties.  The deadline for electronic offers is Feb. 15.  To access the RFP, please check here.


Save the date!  The 2019 Regional Training for Indigent Defense: Special Issues in Complex Felony Cases will be held on March 21 at the East Carolina Heart Institute at East Carolina University in Greenville, N.C.  The training will focus on topics relevant to criminal law practitioners and is open to IDS contract attorneys and privately assigned counsel.  Participants will receive three general CLE credit hours.  Registration should open later this month.


And… another week down for 2019, but be on the look out for our Year in Review next week!  Please join us over on Twitter and Facebook for other news and updates throughout the week and we will have more to come soon.  We hope you enjoy the MLK weekend.

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