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Job Opportunity: NCCRED Seeks an Executive Director

NCCRED is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works across professional, political and ideological lines to identify, document and reduce racial disparities in North Carolina’s criminal justice system. NCCRED brings together a diverse group of criminal justice leaders who share a commitment to building a more equitable, effective and humane criminal justice system in North Carolina.  Represented on the Commission are members of the Judiciary (Court of Appeal, Superior Court and District Court Judges), law enforcement professionals (Chiefs of Police and Department of Corrections), District Attorneys, Public Defenders, community advocates and scholars.  The Commission provides a forum for open dialogue, collective problem solving, information sharing and educating Commissioners on the most important developments in racially equitable criminal justice reform in North Carolina and across the nation.  NCCRED’s focus areas are pretrial justice, juvenile justice and policing.

Position Summary

The Executive Director will provide leadership and manage all aspects of the organization:

Organizational Leadership

  1. Provide strategic vision, planning and execution in collaboration with 30 Commission members

  2. Manage organizational budget and finances

  3. Develop and implement grant, individual giving and other fund development plans while managing current grants

  4. Develop relationships with potential partners: similar organizations, researchers, and potential funders

  5. Manage public and internal communications needs, including the website, marketing materials, public speaking opportunities and media inquiries

  6. Coordinate Board of Directors meetings: schedule, set agendas, prepare reports for Board

  7. Recruit, hire, train, and supervise interns and contract staff as needed

Racial Equity Coalition Building

  1. Build trust, collaboration and involvement among a professionally, politically and ideologically diverse Commission membership

  2. Plan quarterly Commission meetings that serve as forum for discussion, learning and collaboration on important issues related to racial disparities in NC

  3. Plan and provide relevant trainings and leaning opportunities for NCCRED Commission members and other stakeholder groups

  4. Further develop and implement Commission decision-making process, on-boarding materials, Commission member roles and work to foster a clear, shared understanding of the Commission’s work internally and externally

  5. Participate in coalitions with allied organizations in areas of mutual interest

  6. Coordinate Commission committees and recruit Commission members and other stakeholders to be involved

Commission Committees & Initiatives

  1. Manage committees comprised of Commission members and other stakeholders on pretrial justice, juvenile justice, policing, communications and research.

  2. Keep up to date on current research in our focus areas and on the issue of race and the law in general

  3. Work with committees to develop action plans and lead implementation of plans

  4. Plan and hold symposia, events and trainings

  5. Promote and develop research on racial disparities, drivers of disparities and remedies

  6. Develop and partner to create racial impact statements on current and pending policy matters

  7. Produce a race & justice email update to share newly-released research, analysis, event announcements and other resources

  8. Partner with local jurisdictions on system reform efforts

Desired Experience, Education, Skills & Knowledge

  1. Passion for racial justice and criminal justice reform

  2. Experience with criminal justice reform, whether policy, research, legal or communitybased

  3. Experience with and interest in all aspects of nonprofit organizational management

  4. Excellent oral and written communications skills

  5. Comfort with conflict, disagreement and robust dialogue among people with different viewpoints

  6. Ability to manage and move forward a wide-variety of organizational priorities

NC-CRED is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, gender identity, age, disability, or gender.

To apply please submit resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to by September 15th, 2017.  Please include email subject line “NCCED Director Position.”


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