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Dr. Antoinette Kavanaugh: What to Look for in a Forensic Expert

Dr. Antoinette Kavanaugh, Forensic Clinical Psychologist and national expert on developmental issues and juvenile court, has recently written an article for the November/December edition of the NACDL publication The Champion. In her own words, the article is “…about retaining a forensic mental health expert in Miller resentencing cases and is designed to assist defense counsel with understanding the benefits of a forensically trained mental health expert, to help them decide which type of forensic mental health expert to retain and how and where to find such an expert. It also offers guidance on how they can effectively prepare the clinician, defendant, and defendant’s family for the evaluation itself and is meant to inform both defense counsel and clinicians of the specific factors to consider in the evaluation as they pertain to Miller.”    Though focusing on finding an expert for Miller cases, these practical suggestions can also be applied to retaining an expert for transfer cases, other serious offenses, or clients with complicated psychological issues.

Dr. Kavanaugh can be reached at or 312.726.2419.

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