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Court of Appeals Delinquency Opinions

The Court of Appeals released three delinquency related unpublished opinions in March.


In the matter of D.B., 2016 N.C. App. Lexis 271 (unpublished opinion)

Rule(s):  Trial court may deny a motion for continuance when counsel is not seeking to obtain additional evidence or assessments.


In the matter of J.L.A.I., 2016 N.C. App. Lexis 266 (unpublished opinion)

Rule(s):  The State may not introduce evidence after trial as a basis for a juvenile’s adjudication.


In the matter of A.L. 2016 N.C. App. Lexis 264 (unpublished opinion)

Rule(s):  Defense counsel must establish evidence to support a self-defense claim before introducing evidence of victim’s history of violence.

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