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A Message From OJD

Since its inception, The Office of the Juvenile Defender (OJD) has worked as advocates to improve racial disparities, unfair treatment, and the injustice faced by Black and Brown children in the juvenile court system. We have understood that these children are born facing an insurmountable problem that they did not ask for which then spans their entire lives. To our juvenile defense lawyers who work tirelessly to represent the casts of black and brown children in a system that feels to be working against them, you are vital in this fight.

Over this past weekend, the hurt and pain of the Black community has been seen and felt across the nation. These raw emotions are fueled by the senseless and unnecessary murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbury, and Breonna Taylor alongside countless other lives lost to the systemic racism within the United States. This does not condone any violent acts in our communities, but rather seeing past what can be replaced to those who cannot.

OJD has a responsibility to stand for, support, and provide a hand in the fight against discrimination. To be a vocal part of the conversation. In the words of our Chief Justice Cheri Beasley, “The work of improving justice is never truly done. Justice is not an achievement, it is a practice.”

In times like these it is important to amplify our voice for change, take a stand for things that matter, and the lives of our Black and Brown communities do.

Thank You,

The Office of the Juvenile Defender


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